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We are committed to helping individuals achieve student loan success. Here, our borrowers and employees explain – in their own words – how this commitment comes to life for them.

Success Stories: In Their Own Words

Our borrowers’ loans and education helped them achieve their goals.

COVID-19: Here to help you

Struggling to understand your loan coverage under the CARES Act? Team Navient is here to help.

Recently, the Department of Education implemented a six-month hold on federally owned student loans. Many borrowers are unclear about the changes and asking questions such as, “Do I qualify?” and, “What are my options if I don’t?”

At Navient, we are closely following the guidelines outlined by the Department of Education. For other loans we service, there are additional programs that may help those who may be struggling to make their student loan payments.

Here is a cheat sheet on what you need to know. And as always, Team Navient is available by phone at 888-272-5543 to answer all your questions.

CARES Act: Student Loan Borrower Support

Your Student Loans What You Need to Know about Resuming Repayment

Team Navient: Supporting Your Success

Our job is to help people stay on track with their student loans and get to “done” as quickly and easily as they can.

Valerie D.

Fishers, Indiana

For Valerie, each call is personal to her heart and work.  The voice and story on the other end of the line are what drives Valerie to do even more for customers during this time. We are honored to have her as part of Team Navient.   Valerie continues to be moved by customers’ perseverance and positive outlook.

Read about Valerie’s experience here.

Patti C.

Arcade, New York

Patti helps borrowers stay on track by getting them into the repayment program that’s best for them. Patti understands personally what it’s like to be in default with her student loans, so she has a mission: help borrowers by providing a path that works. She wants to provide people with the same care and support she received from her own friend.

Read Patti’s story in her own words.

Tips & Tools

We offer videos, tips, and tools to support your success.

Navient is Making Student Loans Easier

The government offers many options to make federal student loans more affordable. But we noticed that many people — especially those who were behind on their payments — were struggling with the government’s complex enrollment process. So we designed a solution. Today, our phone representatives gather the necessary information from past-due borrowers and populate the required forms. Borrowers can then simply sign their customized forms electronically and upload a snapshot of their paystub. In our pilot program, more than half of borrowers who used eSign returned their income-driven repayment plan applications in one day, and the overall response rate nearly tripled.

Here’s what borrowers are saying:

“Great customer service, and very helpful. Signing online made everything easier and fast.”
“I appreciate this new process wholeheartedly. I initially spoke with a representative who took my information to pre-fill the application. All I needed to do was to sign the application online. Got assistance with that, signed and received my approval. Two steps. Thank you Navient.”
“The agent I spoke with was very helpful in making me aware of the online recertifying process, and made sure I understood how to complete the form and upload my documents. The agent made me feel as if I was her only call for the day... this was my first time experiencing such patience and care for me, the customer!”

Advocating For Better Student Loans

Much has been said about education debt in America. Navient has more than 580 million interactions with student loan borrowers every year, providing us with a front-row seat to what works and what doesn’t.

We have long advocated for changes that would improve outcomes for borrowers:

Providing better information before borrowing.

Improving the college completion rate.

Simplifying repayment.

Helping borrowers pay off faster.

Encouraging borrowers to contact their servicers.

We have also advocated for policies such as bankruptcy reform that would allow federal and private student loans to be discharged after a good faith effort to repay and a one-time credit report retraction for student loan borrowers who have some delinquencies but have established steady repayment.

Read more about our recommendations here:

Moments of Success

Inspired by real stories, these short videos show how borrowers are successfully repaying their student loans and applying their degrees to pursue their dreams, improve lives, and support their families.

Meet Kristal

Education has always been important to me. It really opened me up to a world with unlimited possibilities. I knew being a role model for my future family was important. Getting my Master’s degree and then building a path to financial freedom, I knew I would show my kids that anything is possible.

Working on the frontlines

Originally, I wanted to get my bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. But I soon realized my passion was elsewhere. I really wanted to help people who were in difficult positions and who are often underserved. I especially wanted to help people in the HIV/AIDS field and those facing cancer. After considering my options, I decided to pursue health coaching. I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo, eventually earning a master’s degree in Public Health from Bowling Green State University.

Getting my master’s was vital to not only achieving my career goals but in setting myself up to live a life of service that I could be proud of. And during the COVID-19 crisis, in my position as the Center Director for Riverside Community Health Center, my work has taken on a whole new meaning. Today, I manage a crew of six in-house aides and two at-home workers delivering telehealth. My goal is to manage anxiety and keep my crew going during these trying times. We use fun games and activities to keep the laughter flowing, and I do Pinterest-inspired gifts to show my appreciation.

The most important job I do is to keep honest and open communication going, so my employees feel safe, heard, and motivated.

The road to financial freedom

I know I’m not alone in saying that achieving financial freedom is not easy. In 2014, I realized the extent of my student loan debt and turned to my federal student loan servicer, Navient, to help me find the best way not only to pay off my loans faster but in a way that fit my lifestyle and current financial situation. I decided 2015 would be my year to buckle down and get serious about paying my loans off early. My original repayment plan had me set to pay my loans off by 2022, but I was able to pay my loans in full in 2019 – three years early.

I am so grateful that I started my financial journey early and that at this moment, in the middle of a global pandemic, finances are not a stress in my life. I can focus my energy on other areas that I need to be focused on, like keeping myself, family, and staff safe, calm, and encouraged during this unprecedented time.

The best part of achieving my loan repayment goal is the ability to pay it forward by letting everyone know how I met my goals through my Instagram account, @the.budget.nerd.


How Navient helped

In one word, Navient was flexible! There are so many misconceptions out there about paying off your student loans, making many people think they don’t have options. Navient helped me enroll in a payment plan that worked for my budget. If I could thank Team Navient for anything, it would be for making their system easy. It made repayment less stressful and much more manageable.

I’m so proud to have my degree and to be living debt free!

Meet Ashley: The voice behind the voice

My parents weren’t in a position to pay for my education, so it was up to me to make it happen. I secured a student loan that enabled me to attend a wonderful institution, the University of Rhode Island. Once I graduated with a degree in music education, Navient helped me reach my goal of paying off all my student loans by the age of 40. It was no easy feat, especially given today’s cost of living and my drive to live a full life and pursue my passions. I was thankful to be paired with a company that wanted to help.

I’ve always had a passion for singing, even as a little girl. I was classically trained but always had a love for rock and country. It was my dream to become a performer, and I’ve been able to gain traction with my band, Walk the Line. I cofounded the band in 2012, and we’ve performed all over New England and New York. Getting a band off the ground and keeping it operating as a successful business for eight years running is a huge accomplishment. Any person can tell you it isn’t easy, but being able to perform drives me to continue to grow and seek out other pursuits.


How Navient helped…

Throughout my years of being a Navient customer, I’ve always encountered wonderful customer service and found the platform incredibly easy to use. Team Navient always kept me on track and provided a path to pay off my loans early … even giving me the encouragement I needed to stay focused. Their staff encouraged me every step of the way toward repayment.

My life today…

I’ve not only been able to pursue my music career, but I’ve also been able to work in an industry I love, where I really feel valued and am able to help lots of people. Having my loans paid off has allowed me to thrive as a person and as a musician.

I’m also grateful that I had the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon — raising more than $10,000 for multiple sclerosis research — and to begin competing in Strongwoman and CrossFit competitions.

Since I am financially independent and sound, I’ve been able to pursue my most recent obsession: travel. Checking items off my bucket list — which also seems to keep growing all the time — has been such a pleasure. My goal is to visit as many U.S. National Parks as possible.

Most importantly, I’m extremely proud that I’ve managed to buy my first home. Money management isn’t always easy, but teaming up with Navient helped me immensely.

Without the peace of mind Navient helped me secure, I wouldn’t have been able to live my life the way I want.


I was so proud to be paid in full, I had to share the news with my friends and family.