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The government offers many options to make federal student loans more affordable. But we noticed that many people — especially those who were behind on their payments — were struggling with the government’s complex enrollment process. So we designed a solution.

Today, our phone representatives gather the necessary information from past-due borrowers and populate the required forms. Borrowers can then simply sign their customized forms electronically and upload a snapshot of their paystub.

In our pilot program, more than half of borrowers who used eSign returned their income-driven repayment plan applications in one day, and the overall response rate nearly tripled.

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Much has been said about education debt in America. Navient has more than 580 million interactions with student loan borrowers every year, providing us with a front-row seat to what works and what doesn’t.

We have long advocated for changes that would improve outcomes for borrowers:

  • Providing better information before borrowing.
  • Improving the college completion rate.
  • Simplifying repayment.
  • Helping borrowers pay off faster.
  • Encouraging borrowers to contact their servicers.

We have also advocated for policies such as bankruptcy reform that would allow federal and private student loans to be discharged after a good faith effort to repay and a one-time credit report retraction for student loan borrowers who have some delinquencies but have established steady repayment.

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Navigating student loans can be complicated. We believe in making the journey as smooth as possible by providing service that is easy, reliable, and supportive. Here’s how.

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Moments Of Success

Inspired by real stories, these short videos show how borrowers are successfully repaying their student loans and applying their degrees to pursue their dreams, improve lives, and support their families.

We Take Social Responsibility Seriously

Through our Elevate platform, Team Navient is committed to making our world a better place.
We aspire to always follow responsible and sustainable business practices, adhere to good corporate governance, empower our employees to bring their whole selves to work and give and volunteer in our community.

National Partnership

Navient is excited to partner with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to bring career and college planning resources to support equity for youth, including those from under-resourced communities.

The Environment

We are focused on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our corporate operations. We emphasize electronic communications and transactions to reduce wasted paper.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Navient, we are committed to creating a workplace where employees are welcomed and respected for who they are as individuals. We believe that our employees and workplace thrive when we are authentically inclusive.

Board Diversity

Navient has been recognized by several organizations for board diversity – 50% of directors are women.

Together, the board reflects diverse industry backgrounds, skills, and experiences.

Success stories


Geneva always knew she wanted to be a professional musician. With scholarships and federal student loans, she was able to pursue the best education possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how and when Geneva worked causing new financial hardships. Navient was there to ensure she got the help she needed.

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Kristal used her student loans to get her undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Those degrees helped her become a successful director at an ambulatory care center in Ohio, placing her on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response.

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Ryan C.
Kristal B.
Alison B.

covid-19: we are here to help


Struggling to understand your loan coverage under the CARES Act? Team Navient is here to help. The Department of Education implemented a hold on federally owned student loans. Many borrowers are unclear about the changes and asking questions such as, “Do I qualify?” and, “What are my options if I don’t?”At Navient, we are closely following the guidelines outlined by the Department of Education. For other loans we service, there are additional programs that may help those who may be struggling to make their student loan payments. Here is a cheat sheet on what you need to know. And as always, Team Navient is available by phone at 888-272-5543 to answer all your questions.

Tips & Tools

We offer videos, tips, and tools to support your success.
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Follow us on Medium as we present tips and best practices for student loan repayment success. Learn from actual borrowers and financial literacy experts on the ways they have made their finances work for them.

5 Habits of Successful Borrowers

Analyzing the behaviors of 6.8 million student loan borrowers who have successfully managed their payments, we developed 5 tips for those who want to become successful borrowers.

Here’s what borrowers are saying

Two Steps--Thank you!

“I appreciate this new process wholeheartedly. I initially spoke with a representative who took my information to pre-fill the application. All I needed to do was to sign the application online. Got assistance with that, signed and received my approval. Two steps. Thank you Navient.”

Easy and Fast

“Great customer service, and very helpful. Signing online made everything easier and fast.”

Patient and Caring

“The agent I spoke with was very helpful in making me aware of the online recertification process, and made sure I understood how to complete the form and upload my documents. The agent made me feel as if I was her only call for the day... this was my first time experiencing such patience and care for me, the customer!”